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Meet Our Filmmakers.

Independent Film Producers - Crafting Your Vision to Reality

As independent film producers, we bring your vision to life on the big screen. Our team of experts specializes in every aspect of film production, from development to distribution. Trust us to deliver a quality product that reflects your unique creative vision. Contact us today to start your film journey.


Francisco Salazar is a director, animator, writer, and vfx supervisor with 15 years of experience, from Argentina based in Atlanta. Working on Advertising, Reality Shows, Series and Films.

Notable Projects: Nowhere, Adrift



9Across isn’t just a company. It’s a culture, a brand, a lifestyle and a passion. Based in Los Angeles California. 9Across is a Branded Content & Marketing, Post and Production company that is ready to help bring the best out in your Brand or Project. We aren’t in the business to survive, we’re in the business to thrive. Let us know how we can do the same for your Brand or Project.


Notable Projects: Speech & Debate, Nocking Point


As a Writer and Director, He is constantly creating and collaborating with other talented individuals in the industry. Yared is Multiple award-winning Director. His experience aligns well with the qualifications as Film and TV Director. With more than 13 years' experience, he adept in script writing, editing, team leading and of course Directing. Moreover, his on-the-job experience has afforded him a well-rounded skill set.

Notable Projects: Dread, Heart Jumpers, The Remenant




Born in the little city of Formosa in the north of Argentina, on the 10th of July, 1972, Massa was part of a middle-class family. Moving to Buenos Aires in 1990, he studied in the IDAC Instituto de Arte Cinematografico. Malevo (1990) was his film first shot at the IDAC, when only 17 years old. He won best first short Film award at the IDAC. In 1991 he started as a second assistant director in the film industry, while he continued to attend the IDAC.

Notable Projects: Dia de Los Muertos, Mas Alla Del Limite, Caceria

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